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TRANE CleanEffects™

Superior technology turns ordinary air into Trane Air™

Install a Trane CleanEffects™ System in your home and you just might lower your family’s risk of catching the flu. Trane CleanEffects™ removes over 99% of the common flu, or influenza A virus from your home’s filtered air, according to new research by the Harvard School of Public Health, in collaboration with scientists at Environmental Health and Engineering Inc., (EH&E).

By removing the vast majority of the common flu virus from a home’s re-circulated air, the average airborne concentration of the virus in the home is reduced, thereby lowering airborne exposure to the virus for household occupants,” said Dr. David MacIntosh, instructor at the Harvard Extension School, and principal scientist at EH&E.

Already proven to be the world’s most effective air filtration system, these findings are just another reason why only Trane CleanEffects™ is your family’s best bet.

Introducing TRANE CleanEffects, the most effective whole-house air filtration system available.
TRANE CleanEffects not only outperforms even the best HEPA filter, it is designed to help deliver what we call Trane Air throughout your home – air that is heated as well as cooled, thoroughly conditioned, meticulously filtered and cleaned of up to an unprecedented 99.98% of airborne allergens that pass through the filter.

With TRANE CleanEffects as a part of your total comfort system, you and your family can breathe easier than ever before.

TRANE CleanEffects™

  • Removes up to 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air.
  • Traps particles down to .1 microns in size
  • Up to 100 time more effective than a standard 1″ filter.
  • Delivers cleaner air, and more of it.
  • Performance has been verified by leading experts at the Harvard School of Public Health.

It’s time to expect more from your heating and cooling system.

You deserve clean air as well as conditioned air

Many people believe that their heating and cooling system is already cleaning the air. But the fact is, your system might be making the problem worse, not better.

That’s because most system are equipped with a standard 1″ air filter, which is designed primarily to keep debris like pet hair and feathers from damaging the equipment. They are not designed to clean the air. So whenever you system is on, it churns up allergens and circulates them throughout your home.

At Trane, we believe that your heating and cooling system should clean as well as condition the air. And TRANE CleanEffects will help your system do that far better than any other air filtration system.

You’re probably breathing more allergens than you think.
Believe it or not, the quality of the air inside your home is probably worse than it is outdoors. Not only can dirty air make you less comfortable, it can potentially create a serious problem for family members who suffer from allergies and asthma. Consider…

  • Most homes naturally generate about 40 pounds of dust per year for every 1,500 square feet of space.
  • Just one ounce of dust can hold about 40,000 dust mites, one of the most common household allergens.
  • Up to 72 trillion allergens find their way into your home every day.

Performance verified by leading experts

TRANE CleanEffects™ is the new industry benchmark verified by experts who make it their business to know about clean air.
Key among them is Dr. John Spengler, Ph.D, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and co-founder of Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc., a company dedicated to ensuring safe and productive work and living environments. Dr. Spengler and his company have verified that TRANE CleanEffects is uniquely capable of reducing airborne pollutants, and creating a clean, comfortable climate insider your home.

TRANE CleanEffects was also test by LMS Technologies, Inc., a company that specializes in air flow and filtration testing. The result? The amount and quality of clean air delivered by TRANE CleanEffects was the best every tested.

Coming clean: What’s inside our revolutionary air filtration system.

Painted Sheet Metal Cabinet:

Constructed of heavy 18-gauge metal to protect the filter and internal electronics.
Field Charger:
Facilitates up to 99.98% cleaning effectiveness by charging airborne contaminants so they are attracted to an oppositely charged collection cell.

Reusable Collection Cells:

Precision engineered to trap small particles down to .3 microns in size. Wash or vacuum is all it takes to make the collection cells like new again.

Power Door:

Provides easy access to internal components. Features a filter status display as well as safety interlocks that automatically shut down the power when the door is opened for maintenance or cleaning.


Traps large airborne particles, and extends the time between cleaning the collection cells

5” filters TFM models 5” (perfect fit)


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